FAQ: What distinguishes the Bluff  from Malaga Cove neighborhood?
Answer:  The Bluff Cove neighborhood begins oceanside just above the 500 block of Paseo del Mar and extends all the way to that street's re-entry point around a quarter mile south at its second PV Drive West intersection.
FAQ: Why does the Bluff Cove neighborhood have its own HOA?
Answer:  Bluff Cove has become PVE's top visitor attraction over the past decade.  During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2021, Los Angelenos from Santa Monica to San Pedro found peace and nature a key attraction instead of staying-at-home.  BCHA homeowners welcome our new friends to the neighborhood!
FAQ:  Which Cove conditions does the BCHA seek to improve?
Answer:  With the arrival of our new friends -  surfers, hikers fishermen and sunset admirers - has come a high appreciation for those who respect fellow visitors and locals alike.
FAQ:  Do I need to live in the described area to be a member of the BCHA?
Answer:  Yes, and we apologize to others.  There are neither dues nor required meetings.  Email jennifer@bluffcove.org, and you may become our 63rd member!
FAQ:  Who are the BCHA's officers and members of any Board of Directors?
Answer:  Membership is strictly confidential.  As such, there shall be no public dissemination of such parties' identities.
FAQ: Why is BCHA membership confidential?
Answer:  The BCHA has opposed institutions of authority in Palos Verdes Estates (e.g., City Manager, City Council, Police Department).  Anonymity of members helps preclude those entities from engaging in acts of retribution (selective law enforcement), such as those committed by the PVEPD related to the BCHA's opposition to Measure E.
FAQ:  What is the best way to contact the BCHA?
Answer:  The BCHA  can be reached by sending E-mail and calling/texting the following:
+1 (310) 987-7011
Palos Verdes Surf Club Bluff Cove 1930s