The Bluff Cove Homeowners Association began over a decade ago in 2008 in a similar way as did the Malaga Cove Homeowners Assn.  Way back then, the Neighborhood Church sought to convert all or part of a parking lot into a social hall for weddings/receptions.  The immediate neighbors were concerned but got little satisfaction from the PVHA.

It became clear that a unified voice was needed to deal with the California Coastal Commission and other regulatory bodies. And thus the MCHA was born, with Betty Wing as its first president.

Coincidentally, her since-sold Bluff Cove home germinated the seed that became the BCHA.


Bluff Cove's popularity has sky-rocketed.  Social media gave the world of glimpse of perhaps the finest combination of ocean and Los Angeles city views.  With this discovery of epic sunsets, soaring hawks and falcons, killer surf and singing seals have come crowds to enjoy it all.

Our goal is for homeowners to develop and maintain respect for visitors' legal access to and use of public land, while visitors show respect for homeowners' private property and PVEMC-ordained rights to ambient peace and safety.

This harmony can be obtained through mutual consideration and law enforcement.


The BCHA doesn't go looking for issues.  Conversely, the issues come to us after prolonged periods of tolerance, patience and ineffective alternative resolution.

In order to develop our stance on PVE-related matters, we take a deep dive into researching the forces at work to become thoroughly informed, and only then make prudent decisions that weigh risk vs. reward of the alternatives.

After 14 months and 100s of hours of research, we determined to oppose PVE Measure E.   After two years of scrutinizing Sandy Davidson's abusive and deceitful deportment, we determined to seek his resignation.

Our unique, assiduously acquired sources of information and analysis keep us one step ahead.


Conducting extraordinary research, at a cost that we dare not add up, would be worthless if the end result was not an improvement of, if not total solution to the problem.

The BCHA focuses on the most effective, legal means to transitioning our stance into an outcome appreciated by all parties.  This does court controversy, but such is the cost of righting wrongs.

By creating impactful incentives for civil and respectful behavior within the Bluff Cove community, in addition to effective Palos Verdes Estates government, the City of Palos Verdes Estates benefits as a whole.


The Bluff Cove Homeowners Association should not be confused with the HOA's of the two other Palos Verdes Estates cove neighborhoods, nor with any group or coalition of citizens inside or external to PVE.

We don't have an annual holiday party.  We don't sponsor any concerts or fountain reconstruction. We are very private families whose focus is entirely on major issues and how to tackle them courageously.

The BCHA prides itself on having all its members' backs, thick and through.  If one has been a member for more than one year, we will fight for his/her neighborhood cause to the end. 

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